Joakim Riikonen

Senior researcher
University of Eastern Finland

Bilateral Meetings

  • Monday 14:30 - 17:00
Organization Type Research Institute,
CityKuopio, Yliopistonranta 1F Google map
Areas of Activities

Water treatment and recycling

    Adsorbents and chemicals

      Waste management and treatment

        Environmental and process monitoring


          Opportunities to pilot adsorbent material.

          We are developing new adsorbent material that has high affinity e.g. to Sc and U. The material is to be used in extraction of valuable metals or in purifying waters. We would like to test our material in real mine waters.

          Cooperation Requested
          1. Research co-operation

          Opportunities to pilot on-site metal analysis method

          We develop a new method that enables on-site metal analysis. We wish to partner with companies that would use such technique and offer opportunities for pilot testing.

          Cooperation Requested
          1. Technical co-operation
          2. Research co-operation